'Four Four Letter Words' Version available soon.

20 copies only as per the last version.

This is the last thing Ai will ever put out so more info soon. Email for more info.

From the artist:
My idea was to impose a set of rules in the tradition of Conceptual Art... in the tradition of the famous Sol Le Witt maxim: 'the idea becomes a machine that makes the art'. But I also wanted to ‘vulgarise’ this, to make it low brow. My rules were simple: four x four letter words in four colours... at least one word of which must be a ‘swear word’. I was aiming at insults - insults in the tradition of Malcolm Tucker, the foul-mouthed communications director in the TV show, ‘The Thick if It': you know, unexpected language, his frustration and fury leading him into previously unimaginable insult territory. So, I wanted the restrictions I had imposed - four x four letter words - to almost cancel out the insult, for the language to become meaningless, the 'swear words' reduced to 'just words'. These are just an exercise really... a test... or a personalised and unique insult created for the 'consumer', it depends how you want to see it.

More soon.