To keep it sustainable, you need people to just buy the stuff. Artists and labels contribute to what we all love by putting the music out there, but that will only continue to happen so long as music lovers keep buying it. Also, people need to stop complaining about the cost of vinyl. There was an article not long after I did an EP on Death of Rave, which was a plain black slab of vinyl with no art and a plain transparent sleeve. I think it was actually FACT who ran a piece about the cost of vinyl, and it lamented the price of the record. I’ve never once felt any kind of guilt or apprehension about investing in music that I can’t live without. I’ll pay what it costs. I think the artist and the label deserve it. When you know, as both artist and label, what goes into making a record, it changes your view on what music is worth. No one who balked at the price of that record could know that we spent a lot of our own money mixing that record on a beautiful old desk in a studio to get exactly the sound I wanted. People too easily forget the love and sweat that goes into these things.

Oscar Powell